Solid-Made solutionS for POINT OF SALE


Solid-made solutions for P.O.S since 1979

30 years’ experience in the display sector within the P.O.S business environment. A large scale industrial platform that guarantees our capacity to innovate, maximum reliability and a completely integrated process.
Our vocation for service.

These are the reasons why today we are a European benchmark.



From A to Z

We have a method.
Deliver a top quality service from design to maintenance.


We understand the requirements of each client and transform them into creative solutions on the basis of our designs.

Technical Plans

Through 3D programming we develop with precisión all design details, from cost optimisation to the implementation logistics and maintenance.


During the prototyping phase, we give shape to ideas and designs, transforming them into real solutions 


Our industrial capacity enables us everything from quality manufacturing with attention to detail to taking care of the entire distribution of a project.  


We install each product ensuring its optimum functioning and maximum efficiency. 


We care for, check and guarantee the performance and maximum duration of each product at the POS.

Our A B Z

Market Knowledge.
Reliability in what we build.
Quality of service.
Constant innovation.

Industrial capacity
Capacity to innovate

Centre for machining sheet metal, welding, Epoxy paint coating tunnel. Wood machining equipment, cabin for lacquering. Injection moulding, plastic machining equipment. A division for the manufacture of moulds and tools. Digital and silkscreen printing, storage.

At our facilities we have the specialised departments, machinery and necessary materials for the production and distribution of all types of display solutions.

20,000 m2

An industrial platform which makes us proud and sets us apart. Within our facilities we integrate the production and logistics for the completion of each project.

An autonomous production, optimisation of resources, quality control and cost reductions for our clients are some of its advantages.



Desigual Stores

100% Integrated Service.

We are passionate about shaping projects that challenge us to use our creativity and experience. The challenge for Zedis: o er an integrated service from start to finish. Visit the premises, work closely with the construction team on-site, manufacture the furniture and supervise all details and final turnkey delivery.

Multi-material manufacturing.

Thanks to our know-how we combine any materials resulting in a high-quality mix.

Implemented in:


L’ Oreal

Design, innovation and quality.

Historically, Zedis’ core business has been Cosmetics. The challenge for Zedis: surpass the technological complexities by resorting to our capacity for design and innovation and experience. These projects require a high-quality standard, thinking ahead 4 years into the future, maintaining and updating the furniture at the POS to optimum levels.

Multi-material manufacturing

Design, Production Engineering, development and in-house manufacturing of all injection moulds.

A revolution in POS management.
At Zedis we are developing a tool that will allow POS updating and controlling.


Orange Demo Table

Technological integration.

This demo table for Orange required security systems and an alarmed product. The challenge for Zedis: to obtain the flawless integration of several technologies into one single element in the POS, thus enabling user interaction.

Multi-material manufacturing + Technological integration

Automotive Sector

Maserati Afermarket

Quality exhibition.

A presentation system for Maserati car dealerships.
The challenge for Zedis: create an ensemble of elements that enhance the great quality of the objects exposed. 
Exclusive furniture, thanks to which the client experiences a feeling of perfection when observing the select brand merchandising. Quality, details and finishing worthy of the high end automotive industry.

Multi-material manufacturing.

Implemented in:


La Française De Jeux, Concept

This project is the best exponent of the great potential that the team and equipment at Zedis can reach. The challenge for Zedis: Optimise the production systems, obtain interactivity with disabled persons, apply the most innovative design. All our know-how put into the POS.

Design, Production Engineering and cost optimization.


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