From your idea.
From your challenge.
From your world, to rest of the world.

to get there early. To go far.

From prototype to large-scale production, installation and after-sales service, anywhere in the world. That is how we work globally, as specialists in innovative solutions for POS. And always, committed to what matters to you: time and results. For this reason, we provide that added value that you’re looking for when you have an idea, to go far and always on time.

Get to know us better

Each project, a
solution tailored to your needs.

Building from you. Which means that what we do depends on you. We develop comprehensive turnkey solutions for POS in multiple sectors and for retailers.

We also specialise in outdoor furniture projects: smart sinks, canopies and MUPI advertising boards, beach furniture and digital auto-vending.

as versatile as your ideas

For us, working is building, both in the case of a project and a professional relationship. And although we have been operating globally in multiple sectors for more than 40 years, you can always find us at our main headquarters and Zedis factory in Barcelona, and at our headquarters in Panama, Brazil and Japan.

Come in and make yourself comfortable.

Taking care
of the details, while taking care of the planet

Is there any greater responsibility than offering you the highest quality? Indeed there is: doing it in a conscientious and responsible way that respects people and our planet. As manufacturers, sustainability is one of our priorities, and that’s why we take care of every detail in our processes so that our footprint on the environment is invisible.

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