will leave us a truly invisible footprint.

Eco-conception in cosmetics fittings.




Eco-design conception Quality certificates Sustainability in supply and in the logistics chain

The rapid development of the cosmetics market in Latin America has got the customer to consider a change in furnishings in all countries with sustainability being one of the main requirements.

What was the challenge?

To provide in each phase of the project the most sustainable solution and the most respectful process with regards to the environment and people in order to ensure compliance with the customer’s internal regulations.

What we did at ZEDIS

At Zedis, we created a Manual for Good Environmental Design Practices which compiles and adapts the 3R strategy and customer’s regulations to be applied in the design of our display cabinets in order to minimise environmental impact in all phases of the product’s life cycle.
For example, in the design of Z-MOMA, we have carried out the following:

  • We reduced weight by 12% by mainly replacing the rear structure of the wooden display cabinet with a polyamide composite with fiberglass.
  • We used up to 35% recycled materials. In certain plastics such as PC (polycarbonates) or PS (polystyrenes) we reached 50%.
  • The display cabinet packaging (pallet and cardboard) is FSC or PEFC chain of custody certified, ensuring their controlled and sustainable forest origin.
  • Z-MOMA is totally re-usable due to its modular design and the interchangeability of its modules, such as trays, hotspots and cassettes.
  • Exclusive use of low-energy LED lighting and less generated wasted as a result of its longer lifespan.
  • Decorative finishes using recyclable laminated PET plastic. No lamination on cardboard.
  • Sustainable printing processes based on ecological inks or, for small series, digital printing.
  • Sustainable logistics chain. Display cabinets are transported having been disassembled into flat packaging to optimise shipping.
  • Z-MOMA, being modular, can easily be detached for correct recycling..
  • Z-MOMA comes with instructions for assembly and disassembly.
  • To facilitate recycling, all plastics are identified with their international recycling logo.