What we do

Every project, a
a tailored solution.

We craft your idea with our ideas.

Innovative, effective and long-lasting solutions for making your brand or product stand out.


Besides ensuring the manufacturing of the highest quality fittings and in record time, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to our customers anywhere in the world.

1. We turn your ideas into reality

We analyse your market, your competitors and the current backdrop in order to address your needs, implementing a “design-to-cost” approach right from the idea’s inception and thus bringing added value to the process.

Analysing and understanding the needs of the customer and the project
Creative design
Technical development

2. From prototype to delivery

Our premises are home to all the specialised departments, machinery and materials required for the entire production and distribution of the fittings. This ensures streamlined processes, quality control and cost reduction for our customers.




Quality Control


3. With you right from the beginning

Our work doesn’t finish when we bring your idea to life. Because our after-sales service is for life.

Over the course of its lifespan, we stand by our customers through their needs, from installation anywhere in the world to regular maintenance and renovation, as well as seeing to any eventuality that may arise within the commercial space. We also repair and restore used fittings so they can be reused in another space. Wherever you please, wherever your ideas need to be.

Assessments at commercial spaces

Our 30,000 m² industrial platform is our pride and joy and what differentiates us from the rest as it affords us productive autonomy with resource optimisation, quality control and cost reduction for our customers, allowing us to become more streamlined and not rely on third parties. This in turn ensures we always meet deadlines.

Sheet metal machining centre with welding and Epoxy paint tunnel
• Wood machining centre with lacquering, injection and moulding cabin.
Plastic machining centre with injection and moulding.
• Section for manufacturing moulds and tools.
Digital printing and screen printing.
Assembly and storage centre.


We envisage your project in order to execute it. We work in multiple sectors and are experts in...


A fashion-based sector, where constant change is a must. The perfume/cosmetics sector demands interaction with the product, user experience, flexibility and beauty beyond any other sector. We offer a global solution for the specific needs of each brand and each retail space.


A sector dominated by a few brands but atomised into models. Mostly with strict, country-specific regulations that drive up the importance of the commerical space.

Functionality, durability and image: these are our key pillars for developing our proposals in order to create the most efficient and price-competitive fittings.

Lotteries and Betting

In order to gain new customers and learn more about the ones you already have, creating a hybrid physical and digital world is a must. We modernise commerical spaces with new technologies.

We guide you through the digital transformation with our extensive expertise within the sector.


The major challenge for brands is omnichannel logistics, the relationship between the online and offline world through physical stores, where consumers expect, above all, an experience that satisfies all the senses.

We offer our customers a multi-material manufacturing platform and a specialist and motivated team for developing the most demanding turnkey projects anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Furniture

Through our PRIMUR brand, we create modular installations that are often found in urban surroundings: kiosks, public toilets, shade structures, beach lookout towers, toll booths…

Street furniture tailored to each customer with a full quality guarantee, modern and integrated design as well as innovative and robust technology.